MMA Superior Challenge

This year the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Superior Challenge is being held in Malmö Arena on 6 October, marking the first time that a major international MMA gala event is being hosted in the Öresund region.

Interest in MMA has increased markedly in Sweden and the Nordic region in recent years. This event will appeal to members of the public interested in sport and to prime movers in the business community with a passion for high-quality, adrenalin-pumping sporting entertainment.

Superior Challenge has previously been held seven times and is the biggest MMA gala event in Europe. The organisation boasts some of the world’s top MMA athletes and is one of five galas held worldwide that has top-20 ranked fighters. Audiences will be treated to major international stars and local heroes competing in Europe’s biggest "full-size" cage, measuring over 12 metres in diameter and 80 m² in area. The event will galvanise both the business sector and the general public through parallel activities such as expo and business days.

Babak Aghavali, CEO Superior Group International:

"Incredibly much has happened of late concerning Superior Group International’s different brands and during 2011 we have evolved an entirely new strategy aimed at bringing us a step closer to our goals. One of these goals has been to organise a gala event in the Öresund Region and we are extremely happy to have entered into cooperation with Malmö Arena and the Öresund Group to realise the Superior Challenge on 6 October."

Karin Mårtensson, managing director Malmö Arena:

"We are very pleased that our discussions to hold an MMA gala in Malmö are now coming to fruition. A martial arts sporting event has long been on our wish list. With Malmö Arena’s geographical location, we are perfectly positioned to fill the Arena with new audiences who have long been demanding such an event in Malmö Arena."

Eric Ebbing, managing director Öresund Group:

"This is an entirely new and exciting project for us. MMA is seeing explosive growth, and our goal with this unique cooperation is to reach out and attract a target segment that would not normally go to see MMA. As an established organisation, Superior has many gala events behind it and this combined with the super modern Malmö Arena and Öresund Group’s local strengths means that our expectations are high."


MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is a sport that blends new and old, with elements that date back to ancient Greece around 640 BC. It is a mix of Olympic sports boxing, wrestling, taekwondo and judo, and makes great demands of participants both physically and mentally. MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world and has been for the last 15 years. It has attracted more TV viewers than the Super Bowl Final in the USA and the PPV record is 5.7 million viewers. In terms of betting volume, the MMA has outstripped boxing.

Superior Challenge:

Superior Entertainment is a Swedish company based in Stockholm that forms part of Superior Group International together with Superior Wear, Superior Management and Superior Gear. Superior Challenge is the biggest MMA gala in Europe, the goal of which is to produce high-quality, adrenalin-pumping sporting entertainment for those with an interest in MMA. The organisation has many years of experience with MMA and extensive knowledge of the industry, and this event is internationally recognised as one of the world’s leading MMA galas. The first gala in 2008 beat the audience record for all MMA galas in the Nordic region and since then 7 more events have been held, of which the last two – held in Stockholm – are estimated to have generated PR valued at SEK 19 million in Sweden alone. As well as national TV coverage in Sweden, the latest gala reached an estimated minimum 100 million TV viewers worldwide, with coverage throughout northern and Central America, the whole of Asia and parts of Australia.

Superior TV:



Contact info:

Martin Ohlsson

Press officer

E-mail: martin@superiorchallenge.com

Tel: +4670-5627627

Babak Aghavali

Managing director, Superior Group International

E-mail: babak@superiorchallenge.com

Tel: +46 735-30 13 81

Web: www.superiorchallenge.com


Doors open at 17.00 and the gala begins at 19.00.



OBS! Detta är ett gammalt/arkiverat evenemang

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